• 1 Easy to learn
  • Clear Instruction

Fast and Reliable

  • Only a few second is needed to start the program
  • Whole process in less than 20 minutes

Coarse filter & Simulation

  • First Processing filters beams too log, too short,too heavy, etc.(seconds)
  • Simulation created valid robot programs(minutes)

Cotex Benefits

Batch processing

  • It automates the robot program creation for the entire BUILDING

Automated Weld Location


Cortex can

  • Read the Weld in the CAD
  • Generate weld based on standard procedures

Automated Weld Schedule selection

For each weld, Cortex:

  • Calculates over 25 joint properties;
  • Assemble an optimized Weld schedule;

Automated Sequence

For each weld, Cortex:

  • Each joint will be automatically welded in horizontal (2F) position!
  • Rotation will be generated automatically

Extensive Reports

For each weld, Cortex:

  • Once the simulation is done the program is ready to be executed
  • Report contians Production time and Success Rate