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WEBINAR 2015-02-06: BeamMaster WELD – OLP

This is a very simple and versatile system that uses offline programming to efficiently produce virtually any structural steel parts that are pre-assembled. The parts are mounted in a rotator for full access to the 4 sides.

Steps of the demo:
1.Using Octopuz, a beam assembly is loaded into the virtual cell
2.Using Octopuz, 3 parts are programmed with welds and search parameters
3.The program is virtually run to check for collision and potential problems
4.The program is transferred in the Kuka controller
5.With the beam already in the rotators, the operator starts the program with the Kuka teach pendant
6.The program is executed automatically and welds are also done.
7.Steps 2 to 6 can be performed a few times for additional parts.

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